Saturday, October 2, 2010

Green Gear (and Goose Meat Part II)

I don't know what it is about moving to a major college campus, but a person basically gets molded into an insta-fan of its sports team.

(The exception to this rule is, of course, the University of Chicago where the sports teams have to bribe students with pizza and free plastic leis to get even half of the seats filled. For evidence of this phenomenon, see basically every article that Joe Katz wrote during his tenure at The Maroon, or just ask Rachel and me, who copy edited every other one of those articles.)

But I digress.  Newly  minted Fighting Sioux fan that I am, one of the first things I did when I moved here was stock up on some gear.

First, an academic planner.  Day planners make me feel contemplative. 

Next, a mysteriously floating coffee mug with a logo apparently designed by my friend Lauren's great uncle.

And,  last but definitely not least, a multi-tasselled hat.

I'm pretty sure my tassels and I are going to contribute to a lot of hockey victories.

In other news, I know that many of you out there are thinking, I've made delicious goose meat tacos, but I still have a lot of leftover goose.  Now what?  Our friendly Goose Expert at the local hunting station suggests serving the shredded meat with a simple cream sauce over German spaetzle or a nice linguini.  Both are very authentic.  Bon apetit!

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