Sunday, December 19, 2010

Southern California, Here I Come!

I'm taking a brief break from my life in the frigid north to enjoy sunny (God willing) Southern California.  Before I go, I thought I'd take a moment to channel everyone's favorite, Ms. Margaret Wise Brown, and say a temporary goodbye to my North Dakota treasures:

In the great white room
There was a plant
And a colorful basket
And nesting dolls of—

 The fantastic Swedish pop band ABBA

And there was one stylish girl lounging on her yellow chair

And one owl
And a kitchen towel

And a rolling pin
And a sugar bin

And a can of kraut juice
Next to a menu from Blue Moose

And a beautiful sunset and snow on the ground
And classes of children who make lots of sound

Goodbye plant
Goodbye ABBA
Goodbye yellow chair
Goodbye owl
Goodbye kitchen towel
Goodbye rolling pin
Goodbye sugar bin
Goodbye kraut juice
Goodbye Blue Moose
Goodbye beautiful sunset and snow on the ground

Goodbye North Dakota children

See you next year!

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